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. ........... about enriching experiences that lasts a lifetime. Life is not a set of instructions but is a series of experiences and learning process. Through these pages, we give you a glimpse of a student's years at Sri Baldev Singh Bhale Sultan Mahavidyalaya. A glimpse of expectations of students from us and our expectations from studentsSuccess undoub- tedly will be spelt out when both expectationsmatch each other. All our Faculty

members are selected from amongst the best professionals and our courses are updated time to time to reflect the needs of the education system and nation. Studying at Sri Baldev Singh Bhale Sultan Mahavidyalaya is not just about education, it is about growth in all the areas of your personal and professional life. Therefore, no matter which programme you wish to pursue at the college, I assure you of a great learning experience and our continued support with your career thereafter.

          Our success story was written by our students, who are now all over the globe. Students who are in organizations who know us through them and vice versa. And this is our  ultimate vision. To see our students  well equipped for the new World. The world is changing at the speed of thought. Ideas are implemented before they can be mapped and education today must necessarily be a part of all activity. The new World has emerged over a new horizon which is within reach and which is visible only to the trained eye.

We invite those who wish to share our vision.

Ravindra Pratap Singh

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Dr.R.M.L. Avadh University, Faizabad (U.P.)

We foster an environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge. We encourage the professional development of our faculty